Different Visa Choices for Skilled Workers

Skilled – Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) – to qualify for this particular visa you should be within fifty years old; have gained a qualified qualification within the last six weeks after a minimum of twenty four weeks of study in Australia and also have abilities for an occupation in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Under this visa you and secondary Visa subclass 820 included in the software of yours is able to stay in Australia for as much as eighteen weeks without restrictions on study or work.

Visa Choices for Transitional Applicants

On February eight, 2010 the Australian Government announced several transitional arrangements for pupil visa slots or maybe former pupil visa holders. These arrangements are going to remain in place until December thirty one, 2012.

You’re qualified for transitional arrangements if:

* You’re a holder of an experienced – Graduate (Subclass 485) visa on February eight, 2010


* You’ve used for an experienced – Graduate (Subclass 485) visa on or even before February eight, 2010 but the software of yours had not been determined on.

If perhaps you’re an eligible applicant, you might make use of the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) which was in effect on February eight, 2010 to apply for any of the following visas:

* Subclass 886 Skilled – Sponsored

* Subclass 487 Skilled Regional – Sponsored

* Subclass 885 Skilled – Independent

Visa Options If You’re Outside Australia

in case you’re preparing to migrate to Australia under any of the following visa alternatives, it is going to be best if you’ll be assisted by an experienced and registered migration agent.

Being overseas, you might not have fast and access that is easy a chance to access the info that you are going to need in order to construct a detailed customer info program to accompany the program of yours.

Globe Migration Australia is going to walk you as well as the secondary applicants of yours with each step in the task, ensuring you do not miss something that could be essential to the odds of yours of being successful.